Fantasy Art

Monday, May 16, 2016

Salamanders and Goblins

Here's a close up of the salamander.  I want him and the goblins detailed, but not super detailed.  They're sidekicks, they're not the star of the painting.
 We used to catch these little guys in the old farm pond in Bosky Dells near where I grew up.  It was a lovely and haunted seeming place that could only be reached through the door in the basement.  Old Farmer Stump would run us off if he caught us there, but there were far too many temptations to keep a young boy from coming back.  Wonderful childhood memories.


  1. I pity the ancients, with nothing to do but lie around and watch naked slave girls and trained pythons undulate for them. They needed television.

    1. Of course if they had television they'd use it to watch naked girls and pythons...or as we call it, Game of Thrones. ;)