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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tracing the Goblin Queen

Once I'm sure how I want the figures arranged I rub charcoal on the back of each one, tape it to a board and go over the sketch with a ballpoint pen.
This transfers the entire group of drawings to the board as one big drawing.  It's messy and crude and fun, I love it.

The board I'm painting on is and old sheet of wood paneling that someone threw away.  All my paintings are done on recycled materials like that.
The base coat of paint is regular acrylic house-paint primer from the hardware store.

After tracing the sketch I need to go over the whole drawing again with charcoal.

If I have an artistic agenda in the long term it's to make art accessible again.  I feel as though the average person feels somewhat alienated from art either because they can't afford it or don't understand it or don't feel welcome in the art world.  I want to fix that.
This goal is achieved in part by using recycled materials to make my paintings.  I never have to buy canvas because there is always somebody throwing away an old door, cabinet door, some lumber or an old sign.  These are my canvasses and they cost me nothing.  They frequently don't even need a frame and so far I've gotten away with using recycled frames when I do need one.
This makes my art a whole lot more affordable which gives people not just financial access, but emotional access as well.  Recycling old stuff is something people can relate to and feel good about. And just as importantly, I feel good about it too.

Let me know how you feel about it.  
Is it really Art if it's not on canvas?
Does the idea of recycled junk hanging on your wall bother you in any way?
Would you feel more pride in your art purchase if you spent more money on it?

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