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Friday, May 6, 2016

Drawing Fast and Loose

I draw pretty fast and loose up to this point.  I'm not entirely married to anything that I've done
and I'd rather work fast and make mistakes while the inspiration is strong than to go slow and
meticulous and risk getting bored with it.
So now I white out my mistakes with white primer paint.  Primer has a very matte finish and will accept any kind of paint, pen or pencil mark being layered on top of it, it's a lot like paper.
You'll notice I raised the queen's face so she's looking forward more aggressively.

I've also tossed in a wash of dark brown to establish my shadow areas.

Now I re-establish any lost lines with ink and I'm ready to start painting.


This question was asked of me once.
"Would you rather your child be less attractive and extremely intelligent or extremely attractive and less intelligent?"

This is one of those questions that feels like it has a "correct" answer that you should give that may be different from your instinctual answer. 

I've known smart people who weren't happy and beautiful people who weren't happy and for that matter rich people who weren't very happy.  I suppose it's all in your skill to leverage what you have. 

I don't have any children so I'm going to think of this question in terms of my art.  Would I rather it was smart or pretty?
You'd love to say it doesn't matter what other people think of you, but of course it matters a lot.  a great deal of our happiness derives from how other people treat us.  
...doesn't it?
I've seen a lot of art that was brilliantly intelligent which I know because the artist said so and was on hand to explain why.  But I would never hang that ugly piece of crap on my wall no matter how smart it was.  (The art either)
So I think I'll go with "Attractive."
I'd rather my art was a little shallow dumb and pretty than deep, insightful and ugly.

But I think the question misses the point.  It's not a question of what you HAVE, but rather what you DO with what you have.  Especially if you're using what you don't have as a reason not to go forward with what you want.  "I can't do that I'm not pretty enough or smart enough or talented enough."  But the big success stories are not the people who had all of the advantages or the best advantages, the success stories come from the people who went out and did everything they could with what they had no matter what it was.

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