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Friday, May 20, 2016

Goblin Ethnicity

Some detailing on the goblins skin.

Only where the light hits him, the shadow areas stay rough and simple.

Goblins have different complexions just like people do so don't paint them all the same.

I'm sometimes asked why I don't draw more "ethnic people" which is a silly question we're all ethnic people.  I go to as many life drawing venues as I can afford and have the time for in addition to private sessions and I draw whoever is modeling that day.
  I've drawn beautiful women from Chandler Gilbert Community College and Mesa Community College.  From the Bander Heights to the jungles of Khomoria,  I've sketched centaurs on the Mogi plains (from a safe distance) and the knights of the Glowing Vale.  I've even been to the ruins of Casa Grande.
But if ethnic diversity is your thing then goblins are your subject.  There are more variations of goblin than of any other people.  From fairy winged peskys no more than a foot tall to the gigantic cyclopes of the north who can tower over 8 feet.  There are frog goblins and lizard goblins (who are probably not related at all, but that's what people call them) and there are any variety in between.
Treacherous thieves and dangerous at the best of times, but endlessly fun to draw.  However they rarely hold still long enough to cooperate with me so most of my sketches are a bit of a caricature which actually lends itself well to my coloring book project.

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