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Monday, May 30, 2016

Complaints and Boring Poses

Hang around me long enough and there's two things you'll learn.  One is that some models pick really boring poses, the other is that Gilead complains a lot.  But if I complain too much then hopefully I can redeem myself by sharing solutions as well as complaints.  After all how can you talk about solutions without talking about problems first?
What we have here is a not terrible pose except that almost all models do it and this model does it every time she models.  I'm referring to the hand on top of the head pose.  She does it sitting and standing.  If you were on the other side of the room her arm is not visible so her hand is just sitting on top of her head like a hat which looks very disturbing.

Many artists are after something entirely different in their art than I am and don't mind this sort of thing at all, but I want a natural looking movement and this is a very contrived movement to my eyes.

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