Fantasy Art

Fantasy Art
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Thursday, August 3, 2017

#1 of 100

The first of my series of 100 paintings in 12 months.
There is a story behind this which I will share a little later.  Suffice to say that I have periods when a certain darkness and sadness takes me over.  It's not clinical depression it's almost more of a mild and only very occasional PTSD where a sound reminds me of another sound and I'm kind of pulled back in to the fear and pain of a past moment.  A moment when my world cracked to pieces and fell apart.  But I don't like paintings of fear and pain and darkness so I've found a way to let it all out by painting birds.  Birds are ephemeral, never really here, they appear and then they're gone before you can really get a look at them.  It turns out that life is much the same.

This is oil paint on a small recycled board.  The birds are life-sized.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

100 Paintings in 12 Months

As some of you might remember, a few years ago I pledged to do 1000 paintings in one year. It was an ambitious undertaking, perhaps a little too ambitious but then you never know until you try do you? Anyways I only did 530 paintings.

This year I'm making a different pledge, one that is both less ambitious and more.

I want to paint 100 paintings in the next 12 months from August to August.

Less ambitious because it is a much smaller number, but more ambitious because I counted my signs last time and that meant several hundred paintings were pretty much a given as that was my day job. They were also almost all acrylic paintings last time.
This time most of them will be oil paint which is a little harder and takes longer. And my style is more realistic than before which also takes longer.

I will include re-paints and finishing previously unfinished work as a new painting since I have a few of those.

None of these paintings have any certainty of selling. Signs, as with any commission, were guaranteed sales, but I don't have or want commissions right now. Instead right now I'm interested in experimentation with new materials, styles, colors, textures and subjects. There will be fantasy art, octopuses, nude figures, portraits, costumes, still lifes, landscapes, and wildlife art.
There's a bunch of crazy ideas that I want to try, but have no idea if they will work or if anyone would like them.

I intend to offer all of this work at a very low price. Many of them will be $50.00. There are several reasons for this, but the chief reason is that I'm hoping to be able to afford to do so because I will be sufficiently pre-funded by way of Patreon.

Patreon is a website where you can pledge to support an artist or project that you like on a monthly basis. You can, and I encourage you to, pledge as little as a dollar a month.

Unlike Kickstarter there is no time limit on Patreon. nor is there necessarily a product to offer at the end.

The reward that I want to offer is to sell my art at a very affordable price in the faith that I will get enough ongoing support to make it feasible to keep doing so.

In the beginning this will mean that I am all but giving my work away for free, but I'm offering my trust that it will come back to me in time.

If you would like to help me with this concept please visit

Whatever you decide, you have been supportive and encouraging to me and my work for years and you have my thanks now and always.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Caravan Guard

Here's a quick gesture sketch of a caravan guard idly waiting for departure time.  There's hardly any danger in town, but he stands with habitual vigilance even at his most relaxed moments

After rotating the paper to the left a bit to get him standing upright I rework the sketch from memory and from anatomy books to get the musculature more correct.  There simply wasn't any time for this in the field, I'd have been treated with suspicion if I lingered too long staring at any one person.  In theory they couldn't arrest me and they might understand the harmlessness of an artist out sketching the scenery, but they could probably rough me up with legal impunity if I seemed like trouble so I don't risk it.

Looking ready for anything.  I could place this guy anywhere; at the top of a cliff, on the prow of a ship, receiving orders from the king in his palace.

Thursday, June 22, 2017


Just thought I'd share a couple portraits I drew on a recent trip to the east coast of Koth.
The jewelry they wear there is very elaborately embossed gold plate which once covered wooden statues, boxes and furniture most of which has long since rotted away leaving only the gold behind.  The people happily cut, bend and shape it to whatever purpose they wish.  The workmanship of people thousands of years forgotten endures in some form or another.  I take a strange comfort in that.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Hold that Snake!

Ned to self:

"Oh no I'm not afraid of snakes" he says...

"Don't you worry you pretty head, little lady" he says...

"I'll be right over to save you from your little snake problem" he says...

...Dammit Ned!

I love my baby like a bull dog loves his bone
Last night she got crazy, called me up on the phone
Said, "Come on over, daddy
'Cause I hates drinkin' alone"

Said, "I had me a little and I had to have a little more
Try to get up, could not get out the door
And there's a big ole snake
That's crawlin' right across the floor"

My baby's not afraid to take a chance
Drinkin' whiskey starts her thinkin' about romance
That's when she wants what I keep in my pants

I know she's got a few tricks up her sleeve
When she gets hot it's not hard to believe
So I told my baby
Just what Adam said to Eve

Hold that snake 'til I make it
Hold on 'til your daddy gets there
Just grab his head and shake it

Tell him be ain't goin' nowhere
Take it easy but take it
But don't let go of that snake
'Til I make it

Ry Cooder

Friday, June 2, 2017

Ned the Barbarian vs Midlife Crisis

Usually when people accuse me of posing for my own art it's a flattering accusation, but I decided to go right ahead and pose for this one and not flatter myself at all.  The flat bottom, sagging gut and balding head is all me.  I call it "Ned the Barbarian vs. The Midlife Crisis."  Surprisingly it's been one of my least popular drawings.  

Monday, May 29, 2017

Trick or Treat?

   I first saw them on Halloween night. Couldn't a picked a better time. Somewhere they'd gotten hold of a couple trick-or-treat bags and had also gotten hold of the idea a what to do with 'em. After all there was lots of weird critters walking up to people's doors and getting treats.
   There they were on my front porch, three sets of big brown eyes staring up at me and I weren't never a big kid. "Shicky Shee?" the tallest one said almost in a whisper, hooves tapping nervously on the floor like they was ready to run on the instant.
   They'd been doing pretty well so far, their bags were nearly full, and why not, they had the best "costumes" of the night.
   I scooped out two big double handfuls of candy from the bowl and their eyes got even wider. "Hey Now!" says I as they started to walk away. "Say thank you." They gave me a nervous quizzical look. "Thank You" I repeated. "shen koo" the tall one whispered, and off they ran. 

   They were back the next day. I heard the neighbor lady yelling at them "It's not Halloween, you kids get off my porch!" This had probably been happening a lot they looked more nervous than before, in fact they were down right jittery. 
   "Oh lowrd, did you guys eat All that candy already?!" I ran inside and loaded a platter of fruits and nuts and brought it out to the porch then sat down on the floor and invited them to eat. They set to voraciously and the jitters subsided. Pretty soon the smallest one was in my lap pulling on my hair. 
   They'd lost their trust of everyone else which is probably for the best but continued to come see me from time to time. Of course they knew how to feed themselves in the wild, it was the candy they were coming back for but I kept that to a minimum. Still they always said "shen koo."