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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Friday, July 13, 2018

eBay friDay

Now posted to eBay
A portion of the proceeds will be donated to A Free Bird Corp. helping children fight cancer through art and music therapy.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Monday, July 9, 2018


Junicorn is over, but the unicorns just keep coming.  Don't fight it.

The Kuducorn or Kudu-unicorn is rare in most parts of the world but still fairly common along the shores of lake Parime near the deserted ruins of Manoa south-east of Prescott Arizona.
There were many such mining towns in the mountains of central Arizona during the 1800s. Most were quickly abandoned as veins were tapped out, new strikes discovered elsewhere or, as was the case here, miners delved too deep and dark things in the bowels of the earth were awakened which should have been left sleeping. The entire population of Manoa was said to have been dragged screaming into the abyss in the dead of night leaving no one alive to tell the tale.
So the story goes.
Bad as that may be it does incidentally lead to the protection of this beautiful and endangered species since hunters and prospectors alike rarely make it out of the region alive.

Friday, July 6, 2018

E-bay Friday

I've been thinking my E-bay sales might work better on Friday than Monday. So Monday's is still good until this coming Monday but from this point on we'll go Friday to Friday. This one is Oil Paint on a beveled wooden panel 26" X 7.5" and weighs 2.5 pounds. It used to be the front panel on a drawer. My minimum bid on E-bay will be $50.00 plus shipping with hopes of higher bids, but my patrons get first dibs for a week.
If you would like to buy this painting before it goes to E-bay just be the first on to say so on my Patreon Page
This does mean that you will have to be a member on Patreon before being able to view or comment, but membership only costs a dollar a month and you will be helping your favorite artist stay alive for which I will be immensely grateful.

Monday, July 2, 2018

E-Bay Monday #3

Well ladies and gentlemen it's Monday and that can only mean one ja vu?

It's E-Bay Monday!

Once again this is how it works.
Every Monday I will post a picture of a small painting here and also on my Patreon page and other social media.
A week later I will put the painting up for sale on E-bay.
If you like the painting and want to buy it before it goes on E-bay where you run the risk of being out-bid, then be the first to notify me that you want it in the comments on my Patreon page.
Yes this means that if you aren't a Patreon member you can't get in ahead of the game, but it only costs a dollar a month to be on the Patreon page.
Joining Patreon will get you advanced notice of artwork for sale, more behind the scenes stories and videos than you get here and a way to financially support your favorite artist in the world without breaking the bank.

As always my paintings are done on recycled materials. This one is a cabinet door so the frame is not removable from the painting.

It's an oil painting, 23.5" X 12" and weighs about 3.5 pounds

I'll be asking for $50.00 minimum plus shipping.